When we say that we are an “exclusive Law Firm,”

we are not talking about ourselves… but about our clients.

Our work philosophy is not for everyone.

We work with and for nonconformists.

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The clients who choose us are people who:

  • Don't take “it can't be done” for an answer but instead expect a creative solution to their complex problems.
  • Need quick responses, as well as clever means to untangle bureaucratic issues that may arise.
  • They demand friendly and authentic interaction, but at the same time seriousness and —above all— 100% professionalism.

Our clients know that, by choosing us, they are not only hiring a Law Firm; they are forging a partnership with us, where we work alongside you regardless of the size of your company.

It could be said that we value the classics: long-term relationships over fleeting ones, one-on-one contact over automated responses, and teamwork over everything else.

What our Law Firm can do for you and your business

At Gross Brown, we combine our many years of experience with the creativity of our specialized team of attorneys to do what we enjoy most: Design ingenious legal solutions to complex problems.

We work with multinational companies that decide to have a permanent presence or recurring business in Paraguay, as well as young, medium and large Paraguayan companies with great trajectory and ambition.

Our lawyers are like artists

When we say that we like creative solutions, what we mean is that we use all available legal tools (traditional and new) to achieve our clients' goals.

Yes, we like to win.

And we like our clients to win, always.

The creative advocacy that we practice at Gross Brown is based on the innovation that is achieved with the fusion between the years of experience of the senior lawyers and the freshness of the younger lawyers. In this way we manage to have a 360° vision of the problems we face and we can consider all possible responses to find the best, the fastest, the most efficient, and the fairest.

… and our office is full of art

Our love of art and creativity is also reflected on the walls of the office. Here you will find the largest collection of historical pieces from the War of the Triple Alliance, and the largest collection of works by Paraguayan artists. Just as we value the talent and ingenuity of our national artists, we value the companies and businesses that are emerging to make our country grow with their work.

Title: Lavanderas

Artist: Edit Jiménez

Oil on canvas

Will we be your next allies?

We value speed and efficiency, so the process to contact us and obtain a service proposal is very simple.

Step #1 – Contact us by clicking the button below and tell us what you need.

Step #2: One of our partners or associates will contact you in the following hours and, if necessary, will ask for more details in order to prepare a proposal.

Step #3: One of our greatest values is integrity, so before we send you a proposal, we conduct our internal conflict check process to make sure there are no conflicts of interest with current clients of the Firm.

Once the process is completed, we will send you a service proposal according to what you or your company needs.

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