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Paraguayan Women's Day

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Abg. María del Pilar Callizo 2022-03-20 publications

Paraguayan Women's Day

Throughout history we have observed the unequal treatment between men and women, a tireless struggle of the female gender to obtain not only material equality of their rights but also their effective application.

The position of subordination, marginality and risk in which they find themselves compared to men to this day is considerable, despite the years of struggle for parity.

“Violence against women is an offense against human dignity and a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between women and men”

It is estimated that each year around 66 thousand femicides are perpetrated in the world. In our country, according to data published by the Observatory of the Ministry of Women, during the first half of 2019 there were 19 cases of femicide, most of them women under 30 years of age and more than half of the victims leave orphaned minor children.

A greater and better application of public policies is necessary in order to prevent, punish and eradicate all types of violence against women.

To this end, fair and effective legal procedures must also be established so that women who have been subjected to violence obtain; protection, effective access to compensation and reintegration into society.

For Paraguayan women, the exercise of political rights does not constitute full equality, because this situation will only occur once we can implement parity by occupying public positions and exercising public functions under equal conditions.

Likewise, in the labor sphere, the current occupational structure is not yet egalitarian in relation to gender, since the rates of unemployment and/or employment in general are unequal between men and women.

Women, as a vulnerable group and susceptible to discrimination, tend to adapt to the deterioration of the conditions of the labor market to which they can access, accepting circumstances and situations that do not meet the minimum requirements to be part of the sphere of "decent work".

“There will be no full democracy or sustainable development without equal opportunities for men and women. The elimination of all types of violence against women is an essential condition for their individual, labor, economic and social development and their full and equal participation in all spheres of life.

We appreciate, but let's not stay with the Congratulations for the PARAGUAYAN WOMEN'S DAY, the reality is far from being a day of HAPPINESS for many of our compatriots!! Let us demand concrete changes and demonstrate with facts the value of women and their importance in Paraguayan society!!